"Real Adult Feelings makes me laugh more deeply–and, quite frankly, more frequently–than many comedy series

that make it through the gauntlet of pilot season." - Leah Friedman, SideReel's Web TV Editor

"While other slice-of-life web series (of which there are many) can only scratch the surface of the characters they create,

Real Adult Feelings digs deep, giving up both surface humor and a deep understand of the emotions and motivations that drive each interaction." - Tubefilter

"There’s nothing new about the concept of a sitcom where a group of young people share somewhere to live but there’s a quality brand of humour here.

I think a vital component is the chemistry between the characters." - Jeremy Brown


After his Mom passes away, Ethan (Mikiech Nichols) discovers he's inherited her house.
However, the house's in debt & in danger of being foreclosed if he doesn't come up with some fast cash.

He quickly enlists the help of his old friend Rob (Devin Badoo), an aspring actor returning
from Hollywood with his tail between his legs after finding little success there.

After the reunited friends post a rambling, drunken craigslist ad
they're stuck with the only applicants weird enough to answer it:
an eccentric performance artist named Alice (Sierra McKenzie)
who shows up at 5am, suitcases in hand, ready to move in
and a mysterious stranger in a suit named Greg (Eric Sanders)
who promptly weirds them all out with his epic vagueness & wads of cash.


Creator Jason Ryan grew up worshipping at the altar of The Sitcom and spent most of

his youth watching worn out tapes of "Seinfeld", "Friends", "Cheers" and any

show he could figure out how to program his VCR to record.

One day he decided he was sick of sitting on the sidelines and drafted a couple of creative friends,

Bobby Farrington, Eric Sanders and Colin Thiel, to help write and produce his own ensemble sitcom.

"Real Adult Feelings", loosely based on an old podcast spearheaded by Ryan and Farrington,

was then birthed into the world. It started out rocky, with barely working borrowed

equipment and a crew of 2 (literally) but has developed into a full fledged TV production, albeit one

exclusively on the internet. The show is full length, meaning each episode is 20+ minutes typically.


Devin Badoo, Mikiech Nichols, Sierra McKenzie, Eric Sanders


Creator, Head Writer, Director: Jason Ryan
Writers: Bobby Farrington, Eric Sanders, Colin Thiel
Executive Producers: Jason Ryan, Eric Sanders, Iris Silverman, Colin Thiel
Camera: Ryan Marc Cutuli, Katie Killeen, Logan Sayles
Editors: Mikiech Nichols, Jason Ryan
Sound: Doran McBride
Theme Song/Music: Yuni In Taxco

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